• Exciting Times at ABC Polymer Industries

    March 17, 2011

    ABC Polymer Industries now has available a full spectrum of fibers for use in reinforcing concrete. Besides the monofilament and fibrillated polypropylene fibers in multiple forms. We also produce macrosynthetic fibers and have available nylon and steel fibers. Also, we can provide blends of these various products to meet current specification requirements.

    In the near future data sheets for all of these products and blends will be available on our website.

    ABC Polymer Industries has embarked on an extensive testing program to ensure all our products have the required documentation. We just updated our ICC ESR-1699 report for FiberForce 300TM  (Fibril-Tuf TM) and FiberForce 150TM (Mono-Tuf TM). This document is important in the promotion of these products for use in residential construction and commercial construction where ICC codes are part of the specifications. The fact is that almost all the states in the U.S. have adopted the ICC codes for residential and commercial construction. This means Fibril-Tuf and Mono-Tuf are approved for use in these projects as secondary/temperature-shrinkage reinforcement.

    Residential floor slabs are an excellent example where microsynthetic fibers are the best choice for two reasons: one, the microsynthetic fibers outperform the wire mesh and, two, the International Residential Code (part of ICC) calls for the wire mesh to be supported on permanent supports at the mid-height of the slab. The latter put the wire mesh at a major cost disadvantage compared to the microsynthetic fibers, which arrive on the jobsite in the concrete ready to go to work. This is where the ICC ES approved ABC Polymer’s Fibril-Tuf and Mono- Tuf shine.

    -R.C. Zellers, PE/PLS, Director, Engineering Services