Shot Bags


A traditional shot bag is constructed from a tubular polyethylene liner that is inserted (sewn or tipper tied) into a piece of circular woven polypropylene fabric. Customers also have the option of purchasing woven-only bags, which are bags made only of polypropylene fabric.


A conventional shot bag design has a polyethylene liner sewn in or tipper tied inside of the woven polypropylene fabric (2-ply).  Shot bags are used by explosives manufacturers to package their blasting agents in preparation for transport to a specific job. Our shot bags are designed to be filled with product, closed upon filling, transported either via a truck or ocean container, and loaded into a blast site.

Our shot bags have been used in holes ranging from 10 to 70 feet in depth that has accumulated water. The 2-ply fabric serves to (1) contain the blasting agent during transport and (2) keep the blasting agent dry upon dropping the product into the hole.

Our woven bags can be loaded on site directly from a bulk truck and immediately placed into the hole.


Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to produce shot bags. We can also customize bagging needs to meet specific packaging objectives. Customization options include fabric, printing, closure, and more.

Synthetic Snow

We manufacture synthetic snow that is perfect for use in holiday decorations. Our snow is made of 100% polyolefin materials and will create the look of real snow, regardless of the temperature. Our snowflakes are easy to clean up and completely inert. Unlike other types of imitation snow, there is no risk of harmful chemicals or staining. Our synthetic snow is available in 15 lb. small boxes or large Gaylord boxes weighing several hundred pounds, ideal for department stores, shopping centers, and outdoor displays. As an added bonus, our volume freight discounts enable us to keep our pricing very competitive. Our pricing depends on quantity, so give us a call or send us an email today for a quick and easy quote.

Fibrillated Yarns

We also manufacture fibrillated yarns. Our yarns are manufactured from polypropylene (with a specific gravity of 0.91), which delivers maximum yield. By combining the lightweight material with fibrillation, we are able to produce a low specific gravity yarn for knitting or weaving into high-yield fabric. Our yarns are rated as excellent for colorfastness because they resist stains, will not absorb liquids, and are not affected by bleach or other cleaning chemicals, which means more profit potential for your company.