• ABC Polymer’s Richard Gardner Wins IRMCA Award

    January 31, 2023


    The Indiana Ready Mixed Granite Association, or IRMCA, gave this award to Gardner in recognition of his leadership in promoting ready mixed concrete.

    ABC Polymer, LLC is proud to announce that the Senior Technical Sales Manager for its FullForce brand, Richard Gardner, received the Outstanding Associate Member award from the Indiana Ready Mixed Granite Associate, or IRMCA. This award honors an employee of an IRMCA associate member company who has dedicated themselves to promoting the success of the Indiana Concrete industry.

    IRMCA’s primary goal is to successfully market the use of concrete while simultaneously improving the concrete industry. Gardner is an active member of IRMCA, attending meetings and working to promote concrete in the Northern region of the IRMCA. As a member, he spearheaded the task group to collaborate with Purdue Northwest and created the Construction Camp that the university hosts for middle school students. Gardner has also acted as a representative for the associate members on the IRMCA board of directors.

    In addition to his work with IRMCA, Gardner handles technical sales and support for reinforced concrete (FRC) solutions for FullForce. He also conducts training seminars and demonstrates the various applications of FRC solutions, and how it can benefit the performance and monetary value of perspective projects.

    “I am proud to call Rich an exceptional member of the FullForce team,” Executive Vice President of ABC Polymer, Tim Hartsell said. “Not only is he a dedicated worker and problem solver, but he also puts in additional time and effort off-the-clock to ensure that our industry continues to grow. If anyone deserves this award, it’s him.”

    To learn more about Richard Gardner and his work at ABC Polymer, please visit: https://fullforcesolutions.us/find-a-representative/