• ABC Polymer Announces FiberForce Transition to New Brand Name FullForce

    January 31, 2023

    The new brand name will better encompass expanding product line, including the DuraForce family of products

    ABC Polymer, LLC announced that its FiberForce business unit has a new name: FullForce. This change comes as ABC Polymer, a leading producer of extruded polypropylene products, including synthetic microfiber and synthetic macrofiber, continues to grow its focus on delivering engineered solutions to architects, engineers, contractors, developers, municipalities, departments of transportation and ready-mix producers.

    The new brand is the next step in the company’s journey to expand offerings outside of fiber products, including the newly launched DuraForce line. The DuraForce line offers a topical densifier and multiple integral products, such as a hardener, a waterproofer, and a vapor mitigation product that carries a lifetime warranty. With the enhanced product line, the name transition to FullForce aligns with the company’s growth goals.

    “We are bringing our decades of experience and industry expertise to these new solutions. It was only right that we rebrand as FullForce to reflect the full breadth of solutions available to our customer base. This change allows us to continue to expand into new products, enhance our existing offerings and better position our company for growth for years to come,” said ABC Polymer CEO and President Randy Reed.

    The flagship FiberForce family of products, which includes over 10 different concrete fibers, will continue to be a vital part of the company. FullForce will develop, manufacture, and deliver these just as they always have. Everything customers love about the products, as well as the quality and service behind the brand, will remain the same, including:

    • Field support and engineering experts with decades of experience
    • A proud USA family-owned manufacturer
    • On-time delivery and keeping customers’ money here while helping to create American jobs

    With the rebranding, the company also announced the following promotions:

    Tim Hartsell, who now serves as Executive Vice President of FullForce, is a proven leader with deep roots in the ready-mix industry. Hartsell first joined ABC Polymer in 2014. He’s at the forefront of product innovation, and his vision is to bring customers an engineering solution to meet all their concrete needs. Previously, Hartsell was senior vice president of Sales and Technical Services.

    Eric Campbell, who now serves as Vice President of Technical Services and Research & Development for FullForce, will play a strategic role in pulling together the firm’s engineered solutions products. A problem-solver with a creative mind, Campbell joined the ABC Polymer family in 2017 and has been integral to the firm’s exponential growth.

    Kristina Bass, who now serves as the DuraForce product manager, joined the ABC Polymer team in 2019. Goal-oriented and with a keen eye for detail, Bass has been a vital part of the company’s success. She previously served as an applications engineer.

    “We’re excited for what this new chapter will bring and look forward to continually enhancing our business,” Reed said. To learn more about the FullForce brand visit FullForceSolutions.us.