Polypropylene is one of the most important and readily available plastics in the manufacturing industry. We are the leading producer of extruded polypropylene products, including microsynthetic and macrosynthetic concrete fibers. We are also a major distributor of bulk bags, fibrillated yarns, synthetic snow, and more.  We are proud to repeat over and over again that we have consistently maintained a 99% on-time delivery record.


ABC Polymer Industries was founded in September 1994. Prior to that, the company operated for many years under a different name and ownership. Several of our current employees have worked in this facility for over 30 years. Our expertise in all facets of polypropylene extrusion, combined with our unwavering commitment to serving our customers, has been and will continue to be major contributors to our success.

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  • Put People First

    Our customers and associates are our lifeblood. We always treat others the way we wish to be treated. We set a good example and have respect for everyone. We strive to build and maintain relationships.

  • Do the Right Thing

    Our associates always act with integrity and honesty. We do the right thing, not because it is the easy way, but because it is the only way to build trust.

  • Maintain High Standards

    Through hard work, constant innovation, and strategic hiring practices, we help our customers accomplish their goals, thereby accomplishing our own.

99% ON-TIME DELIVERY RECORD — not too shabby

0% percent of customers like getting orders late. As a customer of ours, you can expect your order to arrive at its destination on time. We know that lost time is lost money. That’s why we built a logistics system that allows for quick order assembly and the fastest, most reliable shipping method available. Bring your high expectations. We would love to meet them.








Alabama Bag Company

September 19th, we opened our doors as the Alabama Bag Company, operating as a fully integrated manufacturer of circular woven polypropylene fabric and polyethylene film. We utilized the materials to produce specialty bags for the explosives industry.


Bulk Bags

We began distributing bulk bags, which were initially sourced out of Mexico, Turkey, and Eastern Bloc European countries, but shifted our sourcing to Indonesia and then to the Far East.


Micro Fiber

We began manufacturing microsynthetic fibers for the concrete ready mix industry.


Macro Pro Fiber

We began producing macrosynthetic fibers with the introduction of our FiberForce 550 (Macro Pro) product.


ICC-ES Certification

Secured our ICC-ES Certification.


UL Fire-Resistance Rating

Secured our UL fire-resistance rating for each of our macrosynthetic fibers.


As a company, we are committed to being lifelong students of the industries we serve. Subsequently, we never stop learning and innovating. Our ongoing commitment to excellence enables us to engineer and produce the highest quality, cost-effective products available. Our consistent investments in technology and training make it easier for our customers to do business with us. Our top-notch service, quality products, and 99% on-time delivery record have enabled us to build strong, lasting relationships with our customers — and will allow us to continue to meet and exceed their expectations for years to come.