Value Added Services

Stocking and Inventory Management Program

We offer a Stocking and Inventory Management Program to all our customers. The program includes an enclosed storage space for the customer’s products in our Alabama facility free of charge. The warehoused products are always available for same-day shipping, and we only invoice for products released. After release, the bags will be restocked based on usage trends to ensure our customers can always get what they want when they need it.

Our Logistics Management System generates inventory and sales reports that are emailed bi-weekly to our customers to show current stock levels, recent purchase history, and the expected arrival dates for current orders. We firmly believe that our Stocking and Inventory Management Program will help eliminate downtimes associated with shipping delays, unforeseen increases in production, and other unpredictable circumstances.

Rapid Shipping
We have over 350,000 in-stock bags ready for same-day shipment.


Our logistics team will work with you to schedule, hold or expedite orders.

Samples of both our stock and custom bulk bags are available upon request. If you’re not sure of exactly what you need, our Bag Experts are happy to help.