• UN Certification Markings

    January 9, 2018

    The transportation of hazardous goods is regulated worldwide by the United Nations to comply with the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, known as the ‘Orange Book’.  UN Certified FIBCs are manufactured and tested in accordance with the UN recommendations and assigned unique UN Cerficiation Marking numbers.  The numbers include markings to identify the FIBC packing information.  The following outlines what the individual markings mean.

    Example of Markings for FIBCs

    UN Certification Markings for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers


    The 4 Types of FIBCs, as classified by the ‘orange book’:

    1. 13H1 –  PP woven FIBCs, without coating
    2. 13H2 –  PP woven FIBCs, coated
    3. 13H3 –  PP woven FIBCs, with liner, without coating
    4. 13H4 –  PP woven FIBCs, with liner and coating

    The product numbers and corresponding packing group classifications as classified by the ‘Orange Book’:

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