• Which Products Require Bulk Bags Made with Coated Fabric and Why?

    August 12, 2013

    Among the many varied features of bulk bags, such as size, style, and fabric, one of the most important is whether the bag is uncoated or coated.

    Just when and why Bulk Bags Made with Coated Fabric are essential rather than an uncoated one? Bulk bags are made of “breathable” woven polypropylene. Air and water will flow through an uncoated bulk bag, so when it is important that the product being carried does not come into contact with moisture, even the amount that can be pulled from the air, a coated bag is needed. To create a coated bag a polypropylene film is applied (laminated) to the inside of the woven polypropylene fabric.

    The coating/lamination provides a moisture barrier to protect the contents of the bag. If a product attracts moisture from the air or is sensitive to a small amount of water, then a coated bulk bag can well be the answer to efficient storage/transportation and product loss prevention. Coated bulk bags are typically used to hold and transport dry, flowable products in powder, crystal, granule or flake form, such as sugar, salt, flour, detergents, sand, and cement. The moisture barrier created by the coating can also help hold in materials that tend to seep out due to separation caused by movement or internal friction, such as flour.

    For dry products that must stay absolutely dry, such as salt or sugar, and require increased waterproofing measures an internal poly liner can be added that works well in typical applications; however, it is still not 100% waterproof.

    For the most part, coated bulk bags and bags with liners are designed to keep water away from the product. The difference between using a coating or using a liner or using both depends entirely on the product being carried and the amount of moisture you are trying to keep away from the product … as well as to the degree you want to ensure that the product remains dry.

    ABC Polymer’s Bulk Bag Experts have worked with manufacturers and distributors of virtually every type of product carried by bulk bags for more than 20 years. We can accurately specify and supply the exact bag to meet your particular product’s storage and transportation needs.

    Discuss your product’s characteristics and storage and shipping needs with an ABC Polymer Bag Expert by calling 205.620.9889 or emailing sales@alabag.com.