• Introducing Brian’s Bacon Bits

    January 23, 2013

    Bacon Bits is a topical e-newsletter offering bulk bags tips and ideas to help you select the most effective, efficient logistics, shipping, and storage materials and processes.

    Brian Bacon serves as Vice President of Sales and Quality Control for ABC Polymer Industries’ FIBC Division. Brian has been with ABC Polymer since 1997 and is responsible for all quality control, inventory management and logistics for the division.

    Brian knows bulk bags and knows how to solve complex shipping issues with precise bulk bag solutions. For more than 20 years, he has traveled the world working with shipping and bulk bag experts and manufacturers to perfect his craft and his ability to help his clients ship and store their products effectively and efficiently.

    Brian understands the basic physical and chemical characteristics of virtually every product that can be shipped and stored in bulk bags.

    Once he knows the total weight of the product to be stored or shipped in the bulk bag, along with the pounds per cubic foot of the bagged product, Brian can select or design, if needed, the correct bulk bag and features for that product with amazing accuracy.

    At the urging of his fellow ABC Polymer Bulk Bag Bulldogs, Brian has decided to share some of his most valuable, insider bulk bag knowledge — a little bit at a time — via Bacon Bits.

    Within the next few weeks, you will receive your first issue of Bacon BitsDon’t worry, Bits is not a big, heavy meal overstuffed with information, but rather a quick snack to keep you going and knowing.

    And we won’t clog your inbox with another message every few hours or even days — we’ll only dish out a few bites of practical, useful (and sometimes entertaining) bulk bag information every few weeks.

    Here is just a taste of our first serving of Bacon Bits…

    Does bulk bag buying leave you baffled?

    If you don’t know the difference between standard bags and Baffle Bags, let me shed some light on the subject and un-baffle you – or perhaps baffle you. You decide.