Ny-TufTM is a monofilament nylon fiber designed to distribute quickly throughout the concrete mix. Ny-Tuf fibers are primarily used as temperature-shrinkage reinforcement and plastic-shrinkage reinforcement in concrete. The fibers modify the macro and microcracking properties of the concrete, which significantly improves long-term durability.

Extensive testing has proven that Ny-Tuf is an optimal alternative to welded wire mesh (WWF) as a temperature-shrinkage crack reinforcement in concrete.


  • Residential and Commercial Slabs-on-Ground
  • Architectural and Ornamental Precast Products
  • Dry Packaged Cement-based Products

Recommendations for Use

No modifications are required when used at 1 lb. per cubic yard.

For dosage rates outside the typical range, please contact your Regional FiberForce Expert.

Physical Properties

  • MaterialNylon
  • Specific Gravity1.16
  • Alkali ResistanceExcellent
  • Melting Point490 °F (260 °C)
  • Electrical ConductivityLow
  • Modulus of Elasticity750 ksi

Features & Benefits

  • Uniform distribution throughout the concrete mix
  • Excellent finishing properties
  • Excellent reduction in plastic and temperature-shrinkage cracking
  • Measurably reduces permeability, thus increasing freeze-thaw durability
  • Increases concrete durability - including impact and abrasion resistance and fatigue strength
  • Extends service life of concrete

Product Approvals & Compliance with Industry Standards

  • ASTM C1116 Section 4.1.3 and Note 2
  • ICC ES AC32 Section 3.1.1
  • ICC ES AC32 Section 3.2.2