FiberForce 750

FiberForce 750TM (Performance Plus DOTTM) is macrosynthetic fiber blend, which incorporates FiberForce 650TM and FiberForce 550TM. FiberForce 750 fibers are primarily used as secondary/post-first crack reinforcement and will also provide secondary and plastic shrinkage reinforcement in concrete.

FiberForce 750 has been accepted by several State DOTs, Florida DOH, specifications, and code applications.


Interior Slabs-on-Ground
  • Commercial
  • Light, Medium, and Heavy Industrial Warehouse
Exterior Slabs-on-Ground
  • Ingress-egress roadways and industrial and warehouse sites
  • Parking Facilities and Malls
  • State DOTs, Specifications, and Code Applications
  • Tunnel Liners
  • Irrigation Ditches
  • Slope Stabilization
Elevated Decks
  • Composite Metal Decks

Recommendations for Use

Recommended dosage rate is typically, but not limited to, 3 – 11 lbs. per cubic yard.

However, specific dosage rate should be established by the project engineer or government agency for a given application based on project conditions and requirements.

For detailed mixing instructions, please contact your Regional FiberForce Expert.

Physical Properties

  • Fiber Components FiberForce 650 / FiberForce 550
  • MaterialsPolyolefin
  • AbsorptionNil
  • Specific Gravity0.91
  • Alkali ResistanceExcellent
  • Melting Point320 °F (160 °C)
  • Electrical ConductivityLow
  • Equivalent Diameter0.015 in (0.38 mm) / 0.035 in (0.89 mm)
  • Aspect Ratio100 / 43
  • Standard Length1.5 in (38 mm)
  • Other Available Length2 in (50 mm)

Product Approvals & Compliance with Industry Standards

  • ASTM C1116 Section 4.1.3 and Note 2
  • ASTM 1399 and 1609
  • ANSI/SDI C2011 Section 2.4B Note 13
  • Listed by UL in CBXQ.R19202 (Fiber Reinforcement and Concrete Additives) for use as an alternative or in addition to the welded wire fabric used in Floor-Ceiling Design Nos. D700, D800, and D900.