FiberForce 1000 HP

FiberForce 1000 HPTM (Omni HPTM) is a monofilament macrosynthetic fiber developed from a specific blend of polypropylene and polyethylene resins extruded into a unique configuration. The configuration possesses excellent engineering properties that emphasize mechanical bonding.

FiberForce 1000 HP fibers are primarily used as temperature-shrinkage reinforcement and post-first crack toughness in concrete, increase load carrying capacity of slabs-on-ground.



  • Commercial, Industrial, and Warehouse Slabs-on-Ground
  • Composite Metal Deck


  • Slabs-on-Ground and Roadway and Highway Pavements
  • Shotcrete
  • Bridge Decks


  • Septic Tanks
  • Burial Vaults
  • Utility Vaults

Recommendations for Use

Recommended dosage rate is between, but not limited to, 3 – 11 lbs. per cubic yard.

FiberForce 1000 HP fibers are not to be used to replace primary, load-bearing steel reinforcement.

Mixing Instructions

FiberForce 1000 HP is packaged in water-soluble bags that can be added directly into the concrete mix.

To ensure optimum distribution of the fibers, FiberForce 1000 HP must be put at the middle or end of the load (in ready-mix trucks).

A minimum of 75-100 revolutions at mixing speed or 5-7 minutes of mixing at high speed may be needed to ensure complete dispersion of the fibers.

For detailed mixing instructions, please contact your Regional FiberForce Expert.

Physical Properties

  • MaterialPolyolefin
  • AbsorptionNil
  • Specific Gravity0.91
  • Acid & Salt ResistanceExcellent
  • Alkali ResistanceExcellent
  • Electrical ConductivityLow
  • Aspect Ratio94
  • Equivalent Diameter0.0213 in (0.541 mm)
  • Standard Length2.0 in (50 mm)
  • Other Available Lengths1.5 in (38 mm), 2.25 in (57 mm)

Features & Benefits

  • Uniformly distributed three-dimensional reinforcement system
  • Can increase the load carrying capacity of slabs-on-ground at higher dosage rates
  • Proactive reinforcement system that controls cracking, both plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage
  • Reduces plastic settlement and bleeding, which translates into reduced permeability
  • Provides post-first crack residual strength to concrete
  • Increases concrete durability including impact/abrasion resistance and fatigue strength, thus increasing the durability of the concrete
  • A cost effective alternative to traditional steel reinforcement by reducing labor, material and equipment costs
  • Eliminates the need for a concrete pump on slab-on-ground projects
  • Less shotcrete is required because there is no “shoot-around” associated with traditional steel reinforcement

Product Approvals & Compliance with Industry Standards

  • ASTM C1116 Section 4.1.3
  • ASTM D7508
  • SDI CMD Temperature-Shrinkage Reinforcement Specification
  • Listed by UL in CBXQ.R19202 (Fiber Reinforcement and Concrete Additives) for use as an alternative or in addition to the welded wire fabric used in Floor-Ceiling Designs Nos. D700, D800, and D900 Designs.
  • ANSI/SDI C-2011 – Shrinkage and temperature reinforcement alternative to welded wire reinforcing (WWR) for composite steel floor decks when used at a minimum dosage rate of 4 lbs. per cubic yard (Section 2.4B Note 13).