FiberForce 100

FiberForce 100TM (formally, Mono-ProTM is a unique, high tensile strength, high modulus of elasticity, ultra-thin monofilament microsynthetic fiber manufactured from 100% virgin homopolymer polypropylene resins.

FiberForce 100 fibers are primarily used as plastic shrinkage crack reinforcement in concrete.  FiberForce 100 offers stellar plastic shrinkage reinforcement, while also offering excellent distribution and finishability. The fiber also extends service life by reducing permeability and enhancing impact and surface abrasion resistance.


  • Residential and Commercial Slabs-on-Ground
  • Decks and Patios
  • Stucco
  • Dry Packaged Cement-based Products
  • Pools and Pool Decks
  • Water Retention Tanks
  • Precast Products
  • Tunnel Linings

Recommendations for Use

No modifications are required when used at 0.50 lb. per cubic yard.

For dosage rates outside the typical range, please contact your Regional FiberForce Expert.

There are approximately 35 million individual 3/4 inch long fibers in 0.50 lb. of product. Due to its high fiber count, FiberForce 100, when used at 0.50 lb., can reduce plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking more than conventional monofilament fibers used at 1.0 lb.

FiberForce 100 is not a replacement for structural steel and will not replace any of the steel that is used in calculating the load carrying capacity of the concrete element.

Physical Properties

  • MaterialPolypropylene
  • AbsorptionNil
  • Specific Gravity0.91
  • Alkali ResistanceExcellent
  • Melting Point320 °F (160 °C)
  • Electrical ConductivityLow
  • Standard Length0.75 in (19 mm)
  • Other Available Length0.5 in (12.7 mm)

Features & Benefits

  • Uniform distribution throughout the concrete matrix
  • Excellent finishability
  • Excellent reduction in plastic shrinkage and plastic settlement cracking
  • Measurably reduces the concrete permeability, thus increasing freeze-thaw durability and wet-dry durability
  • Increases a number of durability properties, thus the service life of the concrete
  • Performs as an excellent companion in blends with macrosynthetic fibers and steel fibers

Product Approvals & Compliance with Industry Standards

  • ASTM C1116 Section 4.1.3 and Note 2
  • ASTM D7508
  • ICC ES AC32 Section 3.1.1
  • Listed in ICC ESR-1699