FiberForce 600

FiberForce 600TM is a blend of macrosynthetic fiber and microsynthetic fiber. FiberForce 600 fibers are primarily used as secondary/post-first crack reinforcement and will also provide plastic shrinkage reinforcement in concrete.

Why Blend?

Complete Cracking Reinforcement System
  • Post-first crack toughness reinforcement
  • Plastic shrinkage cracking reinforcement
  • Temperature-shrinkage cracking reinforcement equivalent to welded wire mesh (WWF)
Concrete Durability
  • Impact resistance
  • Surface abrasion resistance
  • Reduced permeability
  • Fatigue strength: The three-dimensional fiber reinforcement system reduces the effects of multiple axle loadings from either forklift or truck traffic and produces a slab-on-ground which lasts longer and requires less maintenance.
  • Reduced volume change due to variations in moisture, temperature or both.

Recommended Dosage

For dosage rates outside the typical range, please contact your Regional FiberForce Expert.

*Blend of 4 lbs. of FiberForce 650 and 1 lb. of FiberForce 150.


Interior Slabs-on-Ground
  • Commercial
  • Light, medium, and heavy industrial warehouse sites
Exterior Slabs-on-Ground
  • Ingress-egress roadways and industrial and warehouse sites
  • Parking facilities and malls
  • Bonded concrete overlays
  • Septic tanks
  • Vaults

Product Approvals & Compliance with Industry Standards

  • ASTM C1116 Section 4.1.3 and Note 2
  • California Department of Transportation