• Feeling Bulk Bag Baffled?

    January 28, 2013

    I’m talking about Baffle Bags compared with standard bulk bags. If you don’t know the difference between standard bags and Baffle Bags, let me shed some light on the subject and un-baffle you – or perhaps baffle you. You decide.

    Most standard bulk bags are sewn on all four sides and the bottom, of course, and sometimes on the top to bind them together. Standard bags come in a variety of sizes, styles, fabrics, tops, bottoms, loops and other features. They serve many industries and are perfect for transporting a wide range of materials.

    When you fill a standard bag with materials the heavier pressure is naturally in the bottom of the bag, so it eventually becomes pear-shaped as the contents push out on the bag walls. In other words, it tends to bulge. And, while Standard bags will stack for shipping or storage, sometimes they don’t do so quite as neatly as other times, depending on their contents. So, when there’s a need for bulk bags that have greater stability or firmness and stack more neatly, it’s Baffle Bags to the rescue.

    Standard Bag

    When a filled Standard bag is stored or moved, it may lean to the side with the bigger bulge. That may not matter so much when using these bags to hold some materials, such as sand or gravel.

    Baffle Bags use internal baffles that allow the bag to fill to maximum capacity without expanding. Baffles are four extra fabric panels inside the bag that are sewn to each side they touch. The baffles help the bag stay square when filled – meaning there’s no bulge. Baffle bags are more solid, rigid and therefore more compact and safer for some applications, which is a big advantage when bags must be stacked or packed tightly into containers for shipping.

    Baffle Bag

    Baffle Bags are often used for fine contents like flour and pharmaceuticals. These bags remain very tight, standing straight and erect, so they are easy to handle and look more organized.

    There you have it. It’s a simple matter of knowing the difference and no longer being baffled by bulk bags – unless you need to be baffle-bagged, of course.