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FullForce by ABC Polymer Industries has had proven performance in over 125 million cubic yards of concrete. We are the only supplier in the USA that offers the following three key benefits to our customers and partners: an exclusive focus on manufacturing synthetic concrete fiber and the resulting expertise in fiber technology, in-house engineering services and technical field support, and a product line featuring all four major fiber types (micro, macro, blends, and steel). Our in-house registered professional engineers are available for project consultation and engineering support. We also offer field support from our global technical sales team with the sole focus on supporting our customers’ fiber-reinforced concrete projects from design concept through construction.

ABC Polymer Industries has also been supplying Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (Bulk Bags) to customers across North America for more than 20 years. We stock an inventory of more than 350,000 ready-to-ship Bulk Bags in our North American distribution facilities. Our team will work with you to help manage your shifting inventory needs, maximize your budget, and ensure just in time deliveries.